Who I am…

I was born in the Hoosier state, moved to Virginia in 2000, and in 2013 moved to Massachusetts. I now live with my husband, Gary, on the banks of the Mystic River in Medford, Mass. My degrees are in psychology and counseling, but my interests are all over the place: geology, the craft of writing, vintage advertising, knitting and crocheting, movies, books, and really good television. My only claim to fame is that in May 2013 I was a contestant on Jeopardy!


I have been writing, researching, editing, and publishing professionally for over twenty years. My portfolio contains work published in Copperfield Review, The Hook, Prime Number Magazine, The Internet Review of Books, and Home Education Magazine. I also edited the newsletter of a state-wide homeschooling organization in Virginia. For the past six years I have worked with best-selling author Daniel Pink as an administrative and research assistant.

I have two online projects in progress:

How Did You Write That? — Short interviews with nonfiction authors.

The Gypsum Files — Notes on the rock nobody knows.


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